Johan Elf

Johan Elf has focused his research on bacterial physiology at the single-cell level, successfully combining theoretical and computational biology with experimental work and methods development to tackle challenging problems related to the central dogma of molecular biology. Johan Elf has performed several groundbreaking studies of the dynamics of individual molecules in living cells, elucidating important aspects of molecular search kinetics and the bacterial cell cycle. He also investigates different aspects of antibiotic resistance, contributing a genome-wide screening method to identify different resistance mechanisms, as well as more applied approaches such as the development of a rapid resistance determination test for clinical samples.

Johan Elf is Professor in Physical Biology at Uppsala University, where he has been an independent research leader since his return from Harvard in 2007. Johan Elf has given more than 30 invited lectures at major international conferences, including the Keynote Lecture at the International Conference on Systems Biology in 2018, and he has organized several international conferences, including two Nobel Symposia. In 2017, Johan Elf was awarded the SSF Utilization Prize, and in 2012 he received the EMBO Young Investigator Award. In 2010, JE received the Göran Gustafsson Prize in Molecular Biology as well as the Sven and Ebba-Christina Hagbergs Prize and the Ingvar Carlsson Award. Johan Elf is a Wallenberg Academy Fellow, a member of the Royal Academy of Science and the Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala.