Microorganisms in water, foodstuffs and the environment.

Moderator: Stefan Bertilsson


Barth Smets, Comammox Nitrospira are abundant, diverse, and active members of groundwater-fed filter microbiomes

Gianluca Corno, The fate of the determinants of antibiotic resistance in waters and their impact on the resident microbial communities


Microbial communities seen in waters, soils and related environments are complex, variable and dynamic. In these ecosystems, bacteria, archaea and microbial eukaryotes play key roles in mediating processes and controlling the state of the environment. Natural and man-made ecosystems also provide a reservoir for pathogens and antimicrobial resistance and control the transmission of microorganisms among and between animals and humans. In this session we will learn about the challenges involved in studying natural microbial communities and why this is important from a health and natural resource management perspective

This session will be held in english